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Rodney Solutions focuses on leveraging technology to grow and develop business goals and opportunities. Our consultants support businesses in achieving their goals through their mass of experience as subject matter experts and required license continued professional education requirements.

    As your strategic partner and integrator we provide excellence in Business and IT services; enabling delivery of secure, reliable, accessible, and agile digital business solutions. Our approach and objectives are:

  • to work openly and collaboratively with all stakeholders,
  • to add value in the workplace,
  • advance risk and evidence-based decision making,
  • contribute to better programs and services for all our Customers,
  • and creating opportunities for innovation.

The Practice was founded in 2013 by Shemrick Rodney to offer business solutions and information technology services.

Shemrick Rodney, PMP, CISA, CISM

Principal Consultant

As Principal Consulant, Shemrick leads with a wealth of knowledge and experience. With an expertise in best practices for information systems and accounting related practices, Shemrick brings more than 15 years of work experience to the company having worked on engagements throughout the Eastern Caribbean as an auditor with major "big four" audit and accounting firms. He is certified by Project Management Institute as a Project Management Professional; the Information Systems Audit and Control Association as a Certified Information System Auditor (CISA) and Certified Information Security Manager (CISM).

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Every engagement is unique. We are happy to customize our professional services to your specific needs.

We understand that each client has a different definition of "value" when receiving consulting and advisory services. To ensure you receive the value that is most critical to your stakeholders, we begin our work by gathering a highly qualified team of professionals who understand your business needs as well as your industry. Together, this team not only delivers a high quality consulting and advisory to stakeholders, we will also take the opportunity to provide additional value to your business by providing insights and observations about topics important to you - insights which may lead to new ways of thinking, performance improvement, or efficiencies. You can be confident that at Rodney Consulting we believe every advisory engagement should provide additional value to you and your teams.

  • 01 Meeting your Business needs

    We understand the strategic importance of delivering service. We are flexible to meet your timing and can mobilise our team quickly in order to make significant progress when you require it. We will work with you in developing your internal audit plan to ensure that it is risk focused to meet your needs.

  • Our pricing approach is transparent and reflects value for money in the use of senior and experienced individuals that can provide insight having been involved in a number of Information Systems engagements or having knowledge of the industry market in the Eastern Caribbean.

  • Our team and partners are experienced specialists that have a wide array of skills and experience working with various institutions throughout the Caribbean.


Our Experience

We improve businesses by implementing advanced solutions that boost productivity, minimise risk and promote strategic growth.

Corporate Services and Accounting 14yrs
IT Consultancy 13yrs
Project Management 10yrs
Renewable Energy Services 12yrs


We provide consultancy through expert reasearch, continued development and training to offer you the best support business needs.

Corporate Services

In today's fast-paced and competitive corporate landscape, having access to reliable and efficient corporate services is essential for the smooth operation and growth of your business. We offer a comprehensive range of corporate services designed to support your organization's unique needs and goals.

IT Consultancy

In the ever-evolving world of technology, having reliable and efficient IT services is vital for the success of your business. We offer a comprehensive range of IT support, assurance, and advisory consultancy services to help you leverage technology to its fullest potential.

Project Management

Don't let project management hurdles hold you back. Partner with us to ensure your projects are executed seamlessly from start to finish. Contact us today to discuss your project management needs.

Renewable Energy

Are you passionate about transitioning to clean and renewable energy sources? Our renewable energy services are here to help you make a positive impact on the environment while enjoying the benefits of sustainable energy solutions.

Audit Opinion Letter

Let your clients and prospects know that you are secure. As Certified Information Systems Auditors, we can guide and provide you with our Auditor Opinion Letter stating your systems meet security and compliance requirements.


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